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Dear Deloitte,

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to tell you. But I had to do this. Today is the last day that I am going to spend with you, as yours.

If you’re wondering why, I do want you to know that it’s not you, it’s me. No, it’s not the food. Everyone knows that you aren’t particularly good at it, but I could always live with it. And no, I haven’t found another. I wouldn’t leave you for another. You know that. And certainly it’s not because of my parents. They love you, and they’re proud that I’ve been with you.

I know I’m being selfish. I’m sorry, but I do think I need some time for myself. There are so many things out there for me to achieve, and I want to achieve them all. I tried doing all of that while still being with you, but it didn’t quite work out that way. That’s when I figured I needed some more time for myself. I’m young, and this is probably the best time that I can risk doing something on my own. So I need the time, and I’m afraid that will be the time I usually spend with you.

I still remember the first time I heard your name. I was instantly attracted. For some still unknown reason, I fell in love with your name. And then I wanted to know you better. When you came to my campus almost 3 years ago, you left me mesmerized. Despite a lot of odds, I could impress you enough to like me. Although we had to wait for 10 long months before we could be together, I knew we were meant to be with each other. So I waited. You initially promised we would be in Mumbai, but then suddenly changed your mind to Bangalore. I complied. I just wanted to be with you.

The first few months were awesome. We got to know so much about each other. We met others like us. But me and you, there was something special. I cherish all those times we had together. The countless photos we clicked, the awesome videos we made together – how can I ever forget all that?! And boy, did we party like crazy? I can’t forget the days I brought you home, and those few late nights we spent together. We flew places together. We met new people, made new friends and spent a lot of time talking on the phone. Coming to think of it, two years just seem to have gone by in a flash.

You noticed my talents and you helped me nurture them. You’ve always supported me, and always stood by what I’ve wanted to do. You’ve cheered for me and you’ve let me make you proud. You’ve made me bolder, more mature and you gave me confidence. You’ve gifted me enough, more than what I could ask for. I couldn’t be ever more grateful. And then you asked me to follow my passion. I perhaps took that advice too seriously. It made me think a lot about it. And that led me to this decision. I started doing that. You should check out my new facebook page. I’ll be doing a lot more creative stuff and posting them here. Please do like my page. I know I’m being shameless, but this is perhaps one last thing I ask of you. Your “like” would mean a lot to me.

I’ll miss waking up thinking of you. I’ll miss seeing you every day. But I will have to live with it. This doesn’t mean I’m saying goodbye forever. I’m still going to be in Bangalore. And we will always be friends. We should meet up sometimes. I know it won’t be the same. But at least we would still be in touch and continue to be there for each other, although not to the extent that it used to be. Our email address, – I can’t have it anymore. It had both our names in it, and things would be awkward. You know you can mail me at s********

I cannot help but tell everyone who I meet about how wonderful you are, and the lovely relationship that we’ve had. Perhaps one day I might return. If such a day comes, I only wish you would take me back, as yours. I don’t think I would find anyone else like you.



P.S: I didn’t know how to put this across in a better way. There’s only so much that the CE* program taught me about dealing with relationships.

*CE – Communication Excellence



Me? Well it’s not like I’m not sleepy! I am! Now that wouldn’t make make me an insomniac in the technical sense. Because I do have the ability to sleep. Yet I don’t do it.

It’s 4:45 am. The dawn’s about to break. And I haven’t slept. Why? Because I have an exam to write at 9:30am. Now you ask,

“Shouldn’t you get a good night’s sleep before an exam?”

(unless you are a typical Indian uni student, in which case the following is just so familiar).

Nope. Or wait maybe I should. Maybe an hour or two.

“That’s it??”


“But why??”

Because if I’ve got any chance of getting a remotely average grade, this is how I can achieve it.

4:50 am

“So why are you blogging now??”

Because I feel like it. Maybe because I’m like this always. But I guess mostly because I’m distracted (isn’t that obvious?).

“Then the exam? Are you that confident??”

Err… I’ll pass right? Yeah I will! I’m pretty sure. Though I don’t know much, I will survive.





(Ok I should really be studying now.


Here we have a side that says “We are Independent!”
And another side that says, “We stand for Students’ Progressive Front!”

“Take a stance! Let’s campaign! “, we hear them say aloud,
The common student, on hearing this, just rallies with the crowd.

For days and nights they engage with others in talks of persuasion.
Till someday it reaches breaking point, and start with allegation.

By taking sides, with speech so blatant, our unity is at loss
Never forget, at the end of the day, that we have a common cause

We as students should never forget, panels apart, that we are one
Whatever be the outcome our college should shine as it has always shone.

No. It’s not because of the prophecies, scientific nonsense and other bull crap.

It’s not because some giant meteor is going to crash land and unleash advanced alien forces that take us slaves to far reaches of the universe.

It's all bullcrapWhat if……??”

Two words for the destruction of the world. The words that succeed them are the ones responsible for what might happen in 2012. I do not wish to complete the sentence but I’m sure most of us would have completed it negatively, This is because I do not wish to contribute to the apocalypse, lest my theories be true.

Great thinkers have thought their way to success. Many people have willpower that drives them to success. It’s no secret folks. Psychologists and scientists jointly agree to the fact that it is the Law of Attraction that leads to this. Now many of you may be wondering what this “Law of Attractions” is. Nope folks. It isn’t anything to do with people falling in love. It isn’t related to gravity either. The Law of Attraction states that you achieve what you think. You become what you think. What you think paves the way for you to whatever the contents of the thought are. Pretty simple huh? Of course there is a catch to it. Thinking negatives in your thought would bring forth the negatives too. Okay, Most important point to be noted: Double negatives do not work! The “not” word doesn’t work. To be more specific, “I will not get stuck” is equivalent to “I will get stuck“. The word ‘stuck’ is the main target for this law.

Search ResultsOkay,  here I am talking as though the Law of Attraction actually works. For me, yes it does! And if anyone has a doubt I’d love to clear it  for them. Much as it has helped me, it’s going to help destroy the world in 2012. The expressions “2012”, “destruction”, “end of the world” has been so caught up in people’s mind, that these are what they think about! And thanks to movies being released, it’s going to push this more harder. Before you can stamp me a mad man I would like you to take your time and try it out. It’s the people who at the end bring about the destruction of the world, by thinking about it. Imagine, at least 500 million ppl in this world would have known about the prophesied end of the world  at 2012. Even if they don’t believe in it, what do they call it? The end of the world! Now that doesn’t sound very positive does it? Hundreds of million people thinking negative, definitely not good.

How about some positive descriptions? How about calling it… umm… “2012 nothing happens”; won’t work folks (hint: negatives). “Happens” will happen. Okay let’s try something else. “2012 everyone’s fine”.

I guess that’s fine. No harm done.

Did I just say harm?

I’m losing track of time. It seems like only a few hours have passed since I started building it. The head has been completed. Though, I’m yet to load the Intelligence system (aka the brain, which I shall do last), I have the basic exoskeleton for the head. The neck is also part completed. I managed to get the hydraulic mechanics of the neck right. It took me one whole day to build the head, and another to get right, the mechanics of the neck.

The neck will be controlled by a special system, that allows stabilization from impacts and shocks. The 3 cylinders complement each other at this. The idle cylinders act as shock absorbers. Next step is torso. So, till the next update,

With multiple projects going on simultaneously, I have been keeping myself busy this vacation. Right now on my worklist, is the task of creating an alien robot, that can transform into a human (for my movie, The Landings, see my earlier post).

Now transforming alien robots don’t come cheap do they? So I realized I’ll have to build it right from scratch. So I started off, building spare parts, using the above piece of paper as a reference. It took me one whole day to build the hydraulic arm, which is the basis of locomotion for this robot. The blueprint for this arm is still in my head. But I’d be happy to show you the finished product (not exactly finished, I’m yet to do the wiring for this thing).

Yea, i know. The paint job is a bit rusty. Well the robot isn’t supposed to look like it just rolled out from the factory line! Yet to do the paint job for the 2 cylinder one. The 3 cylinder one will be more powerful. This arm would function like a muscle. So once  I’m done completing this I can start production of these limb parts to the number required. The problem I face now is which energy source to use to power this hungry robot. Keep checking this blog out for updates on the status of the robot and other creative works.


The Hip-hop project

I’m back at home now, comfortable and well fed. But I’m not getting the same amount of creative stimulation that I used to get during the exams. Anyways, now that I have 24×7 net connectivity anywhere in my house (even in the loo), I’m making full use of it for chatting and socializing (yes, even in the loo). I do have a post coming up soon in a collab blog that I am soon to be a part of. So keep checking the Pardesi Dhabha blog.

So as I was typing out a post for this blog, I happened to chat with my best friend Sachin Thomas, who had this idea for a music video. Now Sachin and I have already shot this movie (it’s in the post production stages).

Here’s the trailer:

So when Sachin told me about making a music video for an already existing song, I thought why do that? It whirred up my composing skills (that were lost after becoming “Sree-FX”, ask my friend Manoj Mohan about it). I sat overnight and composed this hip-hop trance mix. I’m inserting a small bit of the thing here:

So now there’s something to look forward too.

Till then,


Blogging, among other things

It’s examination time, and here I am, in hostel, washing my clothes. Suddenly a thought flashed across my mind. I wondered why I haven’t started a blog yet. This single line of thought led to more thoughts, more sentences and more reasons for me to start a blog. As i got back to my room and sat to type my thoughts out, i found out that i had forgotten the most part of it. Anyways, this article is about me and what led me to starting this blog(prefer it to be less of me and more of the latter). As i sit to type this, i realize that i have two more papers to study for my end semester examination. But I had to clear my mind, so hence this article, and the birth of this blog.

I’ve heard of blogging much before the time when my friends began blogging, and even before facebook and orkut went online. Back then I was pretty tech savy, and loved to get the latest information on computers and other techie stuff. I read this article in the newspaper about the latest online trend – blogging, about japanese youth creating their own Web-logs, as the formal term goes (point here: tech usually always starts in japan doesnt it??). Web logging, or in short blogging, is like a collection of one’s thoughts, and whatsoever in a website of their own, like a public diary. Thanks to blogging sites like blogger, blogspot and wordpress, having a personal website has become so simple, even my 12 yr old sister has a blog! But then why such a delayed entry into blogging you might ask.

I’ve always degraded my writing skills as inferior. Though i might add that my English is above average, I do face problems while writing or typing. This is mainly due to loss of words at times. Most of the time I don’t get the right words to express what I’m saying. The funny part is I generally don’t have this problem while thinking or while speaking. My thoughts go way too fast for my hands to note them down. Just before I sat to type this blog, I had thoughts that could have gone down as very fluent English. But now those thoughts are lost, and here I am trying to reconstruct those thoughts. Sometimes I wish there existed a machine, that could extract the words as I think and store them, right from my head. But unfortunately, no such machine exists, and I would have to do with improving my writing skills.

At one point of time, I loathed the blogging concept, merely because I felt I wasn’t good at writing. Maybe this was also I felt myself inferior in terms of the content and quality of articles that I write, as compared to many of my friends. Even my little sister is so good with words that it makes me feel smaller than her. But then I’m better than her at many other things (ha!). In fact I admire the art of writing so much that I feel people who are good at it are truly gifted. Again this branches into whole new streams of thoughts which I would prefer to elaborate in another article. Long story short, some grapes are sour.

To be cruelly honest, (cruel to myself, and honest to you) I am a very self centered person. Being multi-talented, at times, if I find no topic of conversation, I start talking about myself. I accept the fact that I’m much better at other things than blogging. So if you feel that I’m bad at writing, please do make it a point to ignore my mistakes (or correct me in private). The whole point of me maintaining this blog is for myself to express my thoughts, to clear my head of thoughts, but mainly to bring out my imagination for people to see.

Thanks to various modern web technologies, it has been possible to put a lot of visual elements into blogs. Being a visual designer (self proclaimed), I think my blog should be more appealing to the eyes, than straining it (which so happens when you read from a computer screen). Hence, I would prefer that my visuals do the talking, rather than words (and since I’m not that good at words, this might work). Until I get my share of free time, I’d have to make do with a default visual theme. I just needed something to start with.

Panic now grips me since I have loads to study in very little time. Now that I’ve written a decent length article (I’m satisfied),